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Company Profile

Safewell Equipment (HK) Ltd and Safewell Gondola (HK) Ltd are recognized by the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council as professionals in the provision of suspended scaffolding (gondola), metal scaffolding, safety netting services, and the design & installation of BMUs.

Established in 1980

Safewell has its roots as a Singapore-based company supplying suspended access equipment to construction sites 30 years ago. As a pioneer in the supply of suspended access equipment in Hong Kong, Safewell’s dedication to service is particularly recognized within the industry.

Proven Track Record

For the past 20 years, Safewell has been valuable partners to main contractors and R&R contractors whose projects include the Hong Kong Housing Authority public housing projects, hospitals, power stations, chimneys, oil tanks, commercial buildings, schools, private residential buildings, embassies… etc. Our ability to provide support and maintenance makes us a trusted and valuable industry partner.

Today, Safewell features one of Hong Kong’s largest fleet of hoists available for rental. Our products are also sold throughout Asia and Europe, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Spain.