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Safewell has the expertise & flexibility to design, supply and install gondolas for all types of buildings/ structures. Our wide-ranging experience and superior service quality has made us the preferred partner to many esteemed clients. We have successful installed working platforms in a variety of challenging sites, including power stations, overground railway tracks and oversized storage tanks.

Below is a selection our Projects:

CLP Logo

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd

Location 250 metres high chimney, Tuen Mun Plant – CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd
Access Purpose Internal Maintenance of Chimney
Past Projects CLP 1 Past Projects CLP 2

Leighton Logo

Leighton Construction Co., Ltd

Location Aviation Fuel Storage Tank, Tuen Mun ‐ Leighton Construction Co., Ltd
Access Purpose Construction/Maintenance of Fuel Storage Tank
Past Projects Leighton 1 Past Projects Leighton 2

Hong Kong Housing Authority Logo

Hong Kong Housing Authority

Location Public Housing buildings – Hong Kong Housing Authority
Access Purpose Construction/ R&R
HK Housing Authority HK Housing Authority
HK Housing Authority HK Housing Authority

HK Housing Authority

Above shows the use of counterweight system, specially designed rigging system for slanting roof and working platforms customized for appropriate access.