StarHoist® is a high performance traction hoist for use in material and equipment lifting. All StarHoists® are hand-assembled by our team of highly skilled technicians.

Best in its class load/weight ratio

Each StarHoist® has an amazing 500kg load capacity while weighing only 33kg. This translates into an incredible 15X load/weight capacity. No other product currently offers a higher load/weight ratio! A complete cradle with 2 StarHoists has a load capacity of 1000kg!


StarHoist® can be come customized to represent your corporate color. Please enquire for more details.

Starhoist 2

StarHoist Technical Specifications

Rated Load Capacity 500KG
Lifting Speed 8.5m/min
Stopping distance <100mm
Wire Rope Diameter 8~8.3mm
Weight 33KG
Dimensions 260 × 280 × 250mm
Voltage ~380 (450) V
Frequency 50 (60) hz
Power 0.75kw
Break moment 10.4Nm
Rotating Speed 1380rpm