Spare Parts

Safewell provides spares and after-sales service dedicated to ensuring that StarHoist®, and spare parts for various brands of Hoists, fulfill their designed functions effectively.

Spare Parts for StarHoist® & StarGrab

Safewell has a large inventory of spare parts for StarHoist® & StarGrab. As end-users ourselves, we understand the frustration of not being able to utilize a hoist on-site because a spare part is unavailable. We keep a large inventory for StarHoist® & StarGrab parts so that we may deliver all orders of StarHoist® & StarGrab spare parts ex-stock; within the shortest lead time possible to our clients across the world.

Spare Parts for various brands of hoists & safety devices

Spare parts available include:

  • Pressure System Complete
  • Rope Entry/Exit tubes
  • Rope Diverting Devices
  • Traction Sheaves/ Wire Rope Driver Disks
  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • Shaft Seals
  • Centrifugal Brakes
  • Gearbox casings
  • Clamping Jaws
  • Custom size Rubber Pieces/Springs